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Just a gentle reminder that my blog has moved sites.

New post up today: http://babywearingtwins.com/?p=2483


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Okay, the new site is up and launched at babywearingtwins.com

Please hop on over and let me know what you think! Also remember to add the address to your reader.;)

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Did you know we were moving? Well, not us, but the site.

Just a quickie to say this whole site is being transferred to a new domain. There are a ton of videos waiting to be uploaded, a bunch of gorgeous guest stars I must cram in, and all sorts of other stuff, too.

Not putting up any babywearing posts here at the minute – will let you know as soon as the new site is officially up and running! Should be by the beginning of next week!

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Modified Pocket Front Cross Carry – stretchy wrap

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Pocket front cross carry – stretchy wrap!

This is a great carry for newborns or young babies in a stretchy wrap, except you can keep the whole outer pocket over their feet as well for that extra snuggle factor.

The wrap I’m using is a stretchy wrap, but is billed as being a ‘hybrid’ – something between a stretchy and a woven. I would say it is definitely less stretchy than others, and actually felt really supportive for this carry. Making this video has actually made me pull it out more!!

(It’s a Wrapsody Baby Bali Stretch – Isis colour, also known as a Gypsy Mama. This wrap is often also extolled as a supremely awesome wrap for twins – I would agree. Because it has that stretch, it means that if you are wearing two babies in the one wrap, the fabric is less likely to create pressure points. The weight of one baby is also less likely to cause the wrap to tighten on the other, making this more flexible and comfortable for the babies. I would still pick a woven wrap every time when it comes to heavier babies, though!)

My son weighed exactly 19 lb 7 when this was filmed, and I found it supremely comfy – have actually started using it for tandem carries (for only one baby, the other on my back in something else).

Another huge bonus for this carry is you can pre-tie. That means you get the wrap on and leave it on. Easy peesy to get a baby in and out throughout the day. And fabulous if you’re going to the doctor’s or wherever – no fabric dangling on the ground when you park the car, and baby (or babies!) nice and close rather than carried in a carseat (bad for your backs, moms and dads).

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Tandem carry: ringsling and ruck

This is something I have heard about from other twin mums – most of whom haven’t been fans. Something that is good for a short while, I’ve heard, but the uneven weight distribution makes it sore on one shoulder.

I question their use of the term ‘short while’, as this mofo was NOT good at all. Not even for three seconds.

That being said, I know that some people with toddlers and newborns have used this carry to great success.

My video is something between a how to and a FAIL video, because it ended up not really working for me. Please let me know if you have tips, as this was quick and simple to do – but I’m clearly either not doing it right, or it genuinely is a carry that just won’t work for us. *shrug*

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Travelling with multiples? A sling is the answer!

Oh, and a quick word of praise for ringslings – when our babies were 4 months old, we went on a transatlantic flight. Yes, travel to a hotel, overnight stay, travel to airport, four hours in airport, eight or so hours on plane, two hours airport other side, one hour drive to my mother’s house.


We both wore the babies on our laps – they were cozy enough to sleep, and it gave us hands free to eat unappetizing food or play those annoying plane games on the tiny screen attached to the seat in front of you.

The were also a huge boon on the flight back, when every baby I touched seemed to go screamy, and I had to stand up and rock for what felt like hours at a time. It was much more comfortable to do this while my baby was in a sling than use my arms to hold him/her all that time, especially as I walked up and down aisles, barged into the galley, and downed Coke Zeros to help me stay awake.

Ringslings are very easy to loosen, so it was a snap to get the babies out for playing or eating. The slings are also blankety soft (they are slingified Didy waves wraps), so doubled as blankets. I also LOVED them for changing nappies on the plane.

Stand up, pop baby on (as I just kept the sling on the whole flight), grab the change bag, and squeeeeze into the tiny loo. Because whichever baby I would have was secure, I could take my time setting up the changing area in the way that best suited us – something I could tell other parents weren’t having who carried their babies in using their arms!

It was also easy to do everything in reverse.

I suppose the next little bit only applies to me – but when we got off the plane on the other side, our pushchair wasn’t there. I had a wheelchair, so a baby could be securely on me as I was pushed at the speed of light, and TMD had a baby on her, leaving her hands free to carry extra stuff.

So I do recommend them for planes – the lack of huge amounts of fabric in ringslings (compared to wraps or mei tai straps) made it a snap to get a baby comfortably on in a very confined space! This would also hold true for using a shorty wrap in a rebozo carry.

I think babywearing on a plane when you are a parent of multiples is pretty much an essential – or at least for us. Parents of singleton babies usually have another adult to hand the baby to while they sort things out. If the adult to baby ratio is one to one, you’re screwed! So practice with your sling of choice before you leave the house, and you’ll have a happier flight…

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