Five steps to babywearingtwins bloggy bliss?

February 3, 2010 at 8:49 am Leave a comment

Well, folks, the videos are coming. My friend was here yesterday and offered to act as our little film director, but between us we had three babies who were feeling screechy. It was ….nice. Yeah, that’s the word, nice.

So, some quick points that have occured to me:

1. If you haven’t ever worn your babies, or haven’t tandem worn, be careful. While wearing your babies, particularly in wraps, is very supportive both for babies and parents, it does use muscles you may not have felt in awhile. There’s no use in becoming an expert tandem babywearer and then not being able to go anywhere because you’ve strained your back!

2. If you have a specific question about your situation, I can try to answer it. Or, if I can’t, I’ll say I can’t and either point you in the right direction or – with your permission – ask the question on one of the forums I go to. I mainly hang at Natural Mamas, and there is a link to this on the right in the resources list.

3. I’d also like to use some of your questions as part of the main entries, as what you are asking might be what three other people are also wondering! So if you do ask a question, please do so on the understanding that I may use it in a main entry. If you aren’t happy with this, please say in the comment. I will always reply to questions in the comments section as well.

4. If you have pictures of yourself tandem babywearing, let me know! I think I will use as my contact email (though don’t check it daily), alternatively leave a comment and link to the picture? It might be nice to show a variety of people of different sizes and colours wearing their babies! Please leave the names of the types of carriers you are using, the ages and weights of the children you are carrying, and names/nicknames for yourself and your babies/toddlers/children  if you are happy to be featured with your lovely face in this blog.

5.  Of course, any suggestions or info I post will mainly be based on my personal experience. I don’t like stretchy wraps for twins, for example, though many people do. So take what I say with a grain of salt or feel free to question it if you need more info. I’ll try to provide fair and balanced info, but it’s without question that my own prejudices about different ways to wear twins will slip in.

Anything else I’m missing?

My plan is to shoot at least two videos this weekend, and then post them soon afterwards.


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