Alanis Morisette knows it’s ironic – no memory card, but more pics than you’ve ever seen before.

February 16, 2010 at 9:47 am 2 comments

Well, my kittens, my memory card is out of room. I’ve ordered two new huge ones in anticipation of the videos for here, but in the meantime we are stuck. Yesterday, for the first day in their lives, I didn’t take even one picture of the babies.

This might not sound like a big deal, until you realise that Coconut has already learned to turn, make direct eye contact with the camera, and release killer smiles.

My SPD (symphasis pubis dysfunction) has also been pretty god-awful lately, so I have been limiting my tandem wearing.

So instead of videos or witty little babywearing articles (though I am cooking one in my brain right now), some piccies of the babies:

This is a pretty recent picture of me (looking slightly crazy due to the angle!) and Snortie. I have to admit I’ve been getting lazy with back carries involving wraps since the Connectas came into our lives, but there is no denying that wrapping offers me more support than buckle-tais. (Like a Mei Tai, but with shorter straps and buckles.)

I think this is a back wrap cross carry…but the tails were too short to tie in my front. I spent a long time walking around holding them both in one hand on my chest, before realising I could just tuck each tail underneath the ruckstrap straps. Worked a treat.

Yes, this little combination is what I blame for my wrapping skills getting rusty. This is a front wrap cross carry (video coming soon!) with Coconut in the wrap. Once she’s in, I scoop Snort onto my back and secure him in the Connecta. I find this to be the fastest way I’ve got of wearing two babies – wrapping takes a bit longer, I’ve not yet tried two Connectas. I’ve also now got a mei tai on loan from a friend, so will be experimenting with that.

Speaking of Snort on my back….

And here is Coconut on my back, Snort on my lap:

I think babywearing twins is usually about playing to your strengths. To me, that means that in daily life I am often wearing one baby while attending to the needs of the other. Of course, the baby being worn is also getting needs met – snuggles, sleep, etc. As my babies age I find that babywearing is becoming more about fun than necessity – when they were younger, wearing both was really the only way to ensure my sanity.

Now, strengths. I know Coconut sometimes wants a snuggle before sleeping, and that can be impossible if Snort needs something. I also know that I can put her on my back – in whatever carrier – and then immediately sit down and she will not mind. So if she needs a hug and Snort needs feeding, then moments like the above picture happen.

Being a parent of twins means I am always prioritizing. I stay very calm and quite unflappable on most days. It’s hard to faze me. Crying babies do not bother me (not like I jump up and down with joy, but you know, if they cry for a couple of minutes while I am making bottles, so be it). But also, I have learned how to entertain crying babies …usually enough to surprise them into a laugh in the midst of tears.

In any situation, I may be toting up columns on the ‘what to do first list’ – and on one memorable occasion, that included blood, poop, vomit, and hunger.

Babywearing is the same. I take a minute to think about  how I can best meet the needs of my babies, taking into consideration the personalities of Snort and Coconut.

Of course, I also try to take my own needs into account, which is probably why the universe conspired to fill my memory card, thus giving me this last weekend off from video making! My SPD needs to heal – it’s 6 months post-partum and still going strong. I need to get it sorted so I can babywear in the summer – oh, the summer.

Music festivals, hikes, the toddler playground in the park.

Final gratuitous shots….Snort, in my first attempt with this lovely ring-slingified wrap:

And Coconut in the sister wrap-turned-ringsling, a colourgrown waves that feels like a marshmallow. I love it:

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Babymamas, put a sling on ’em. Looksie.

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Christy  |  February 16, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    Great post! Thinking about your babies and priorities is important with one baby I can only imagine how it must be with two. Again lovely photos.

  • 2. Mary Beth  |  February 17, 2010 at 3:44 am

    Wonderful pictures! I am all smiles! I love the colors of the purple/blue wrap.


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