Can you do PFCC with a stretchy?

March 9, 2010 at 12:31 pm 1 comment

Sara, a reader, asked if you could do a pocket front cross carry (see the video in previous post!) with a stretchy wrap, like a Moby. The answer is yes, and I think it would be very comfy. In fact, the company that makes Moby wraps has instructions on their site detailing how to do the PFCC. (Or used to, anyway!)

I’ve never tried a Moby, but have heard good things about them.

Sara also asked how long you can do this carry for. Well, a rough guide is that stretchies are comfortable with a singleton up to around 15 pounds (so twins of 7 or 8 pounds each). There simply comes a point when they are not as supportive. I had a stretchy and a Close carrier when mine were smaller & loved them – but as the babies grew, I found myself having to constantly retighten the sling. I also felt it pulling on me more – my babies are now around 18 pounds each, and in a woven wrap I can’t feel the weight at all.

This carry – and how long you do it –  depends on comfort and practicality. Many mums get brave with twins and switch from having both on front to having one on front one on the back  more quickly than a singleton mama might try a back carry. Babywearing needs to offer each baby/toddler support and comfort – and the same is true for the adult! (Note: stretchy wraps are generally not suitable for back carries.)

More videos to come of tandem and solo wearing to help show different ways to wear your babies. I’m currently unable to babywear (or walk, but that’s a long story!)), so if any of you out there have made videos of tandem wearing and are willing to share, do let me know! I’m happy to link to your blog.

Natasha, the mum who made the last video, also answered Sara’s question. She says:

My babies are 11 weeks old and over 9lbs each now, and this is still comfortable in the woven wrap – I can’t even feel their weight yet and the girls love it.

I know with my close carrier (similar to a stretchy wrap) it became less comfortable when my daughter was about 18lbs and she started to slip down, after about an hour of wearing her in the close carrier at this weight the stretchy material didn’t maintain the tightness and supportiveness it had had when it had first been tied etc I imagine therefore that with a stretchy wrap like the moby that this carry would be a bit uncomfortable by now with babies the size of there is more than 18lbs worth of baby between them…

Please always feel free to ask a question, and I’ll try to answer them all!

Happy babywearing!

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Twins in pocket front cross carry. Froggy PFCC – newborn or premature twinnies

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  • 1. Christy  |  March 9, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    That is very interesting. I have a Moby and even when Lily was super tiny I didn’t really care for it because it was too stretchy. Maybe I’m weird. Or else I was just to timid, I was too scared to make it too tight or loose.


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