What I discovered last night:

March 18, 2010 at 8:28 am 1 comment

My wife was working till 9 pm last night, so I had the joy of the evening duties. Which included very fussy babies. They needed to be worn.

So I kinda thought, if I needed to tandem wear I might as well shoot a video or two – and out of nowhere realised that I may be able to do so on my own by placing the camera in an advantageous location.

As you can see by the above video (I am nothing if not classy), it worked.

So, in upcoming days, here’s what you can expect:

– a video of how to use a mei tai on your front

– a video of how to put a baby on your back in a buckle tai when you already have one on your front in a mei tai (my crowning glory, this one is!)

– a video that is really probably a vlog. My first ever one. Maybe my last!

– okay, I lied. A second vlog.

But now that I know I can do these, I can shoot more videos without needing a second adult to hold the camera. Of course, this is all an aside to the fact that I shouldn’t really be doing any babywearing while healing, but hey, I’ve got to live a little.

Also, thanks to everyone who left a comment yesterday. My wife does SO MUCH for our babies and myself, and I sometimes feel I can practically do very little for her. Putting her in this blog, and then getting all those comments, is something I CAN do. When she came in after that very very long day at work, after my very very long night with the babies, we cuddled up and read all the comments.

And she was so incredibly pleased and happy about them. She now wants to make tandem babywearing videos because of all of your fantastic support!

So thank you. You made our evening a little bit more sociable and fun, as we usually are drones who need to immediately go to sleep lest we risk our bodies and minds disintegrating from sleep deprivation. (Slight exaggeration, but you get the picture.)

Edited to add: Just took three minutes this morning and shot another video – a two-in-one wrap carry that is my standard way to wear both babies. So a tandem wrapping video coming your way, as well!


Entry filed under: bwt housekeeping, life, twins.

Gorgeous guest stars: My wife! Using a mei tai for a front carry.

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  • 1. Christy  |  March 22, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    I love your little talkie talkie talkie dance.


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