Ringsling – tummy to tummy/ front carry

April 4, 2010 at 7:54 am 2 comments

This front carry is commonly used for little ones. I’m still using it because I don’t want to put weight on my right hip, which is where a lot of my pelvic problems are!

Ringslings are a great, quick way to babywear – but I personally found that it took me more time to learn to use them than it did any other type of sling! I’m still not incredibly confident with them. They are good for quick up-and-downs, or doctor visits, etc etc. Because I like weight evenly distributed across my shoulders and back, I’m not sure I would choose a ringsling for a long bout of babywearing! (At least not yet. Once my SPD clears, I may use them more often…)

Using a ringsling, you can carry your baby or toddler on your front, hip, or back. I’ve never tried a back carry with a ringsling – and I once read somewhere (?) that it’s not advisable for babies under a year. I’m not going to mess with back carries with ringslings yet, because their extreme wiggles and leg straightening tricks of a few months ago meant we went on a ringsling hiatus – so until I know they (and I) are good with ringslings again, I’m not risking them going on my back!

Coming very soon is a video of the aforementioned screwed up, painful carry, which also involves a ringsling! Stay tuned…

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Best babywearing day EVER!! Travelling with multiples? A sling is the answer!

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  • 1. Katie B.  |  April 4, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    With my 22 month old, I most often use my RS with a hip carry – she won’t let me put her down, I still need to do STUFF, so I pull out the RS so I can be hands-free. I occasionally end up shifting her towards my back while doing this, but we haven’t had a lot of success with it.

    I wish someone had shown me how to do the tummy-to-tummy hold when she was teeny, it would have meant I could use my RS months earlier!

  • 2. Christy  |  April 4, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    I just got my ringsling a month or so ago and so far I love it, but I pretty much only do a hip carry. Lily is 15 months old and I’ve tried a kangaroo carry once and hated it. I will have to try this hold and see how Lily likes it. I’m scared to try the back carry with a RS.


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