I gave birth to boy/girl twins in August 2009. We had family who were into babywearing, but I didn’t properly start till they were a few months old. I wish I had known more about the benefits and started earlier!

I won’t go into all of the many, many advantages of wearing your babies – if you have found this page, I’m assuming you are already interested in giving it a go. I have found it a lifesaver as I’m alone with the babies during the day.

I often have a baby slung on my back while I attend to the other’s needs, and there have been occasions where I’ve worn both – mainly when they were going crazy in the late afternoons/early evenings because they were tired and having trouble falling asleep.

In my experience, a babyworn baby is a happy baby. If they are awake, they are looking around with interest at life from a higher vantage point. If they are tired, they’ll be asleep in about two minutes – doesn’t matter what sort of sling or carry I am using.

When you’re out, wearing babies is much easier than pushing a tandem pushchair. My partner usually wears one and I wear the other. Haven’t gone out on my own with them both as pregnancy left me with some mobility problems, but we’ve recently been going on short tandem babywearing walks in the afternoons.

I’ll try to provide helpful videos and posts on a variety of carriers and methods. I am always open to trying new products and passing on info for those I feel might be helpful.  I am also always open to questions from parents or parents-to-be, so don’t be shy!


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