Complete video list!

This is a work in progress. This is a list of carriers and carries I have tried, those without links are ones I hope to post soon. I can obviously only make videos when my lovely wife is there to act as the camera lady, so be patient!

Tandem carries – wrapping:

Two in one wrap job – Ruck/BWCC & FCC

Two in one wrap job – Ruck & FCC

Two in one wrap job – Wiggleproof & FCC

Two in one wrap – froggy pocket front cross carry (for tiny twins)

Two in one wrap – pocket front cross carry (for small twins only!)

Two wraps – Ruck & FWCC

Two wraps – Kangaroo & Ruck

Two wraps – FWCC & RUB

Tandem carries – carrier combinations

FWCC (wrap) & Connecta on back

Ringsling & Connecta

Mei Tai & Connecta

Ringsling & Rucksack (wrap) carry

Tandem carries – ringslings

One baby per ringsling

Tandem carries – Asian style/inspired carriers and structured soft carriers

Two Connectas

Mei Tai front & Connecta back – front carry video, tandem back carry

Solo carries: Wraps

FWCC – front wrap cross carry


Reinforced Rucksack

FCC – front cross carry


PFCC – pocket front cross carry

Modified PFCC (arms out)

Rebozo – front

Rebozo – hip

Rebozo – back

Solo carries: Ringslings

Front carry

Solo carries: Asian inspired slings

Front carry – Connecta

Back carry – Connecta

Front carry – Mei tai


Getting a baby on your back – hip scoot

Getting a baby on your back – santa/superman toss

Getting a baby off your back – hip scoot

Wraps – intro to wraps

Wraps – getting a baby off your front

Ringslings – different parts of them


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  • 1. Tess  |  February 2, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    Can hardly wait for this, very excited!


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